New hub for live music in Carson City, Nashville Social Club prepares for late spring opening

Nashville Social Club building rendering

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The Nashville Social Club in Carson City aims to earn top billing as Northern Nevada’s premiere live music venue. Opening in late spring, the new club and restaurant is unlike anything else in the area and will offer locals and visitors first rate performances.  

Entertainment Director, Evangeline Elston, says she is excited about the entertainers who will be gracing the stage. “We will have a broad focus on Americana and American roots music,” she said. “I am looking forward to bringing touring headliner acts from across the country, while regularly showcasing our local artists.”  

Co-owner Kitty McKay believes the timing for the new venue is perfect. “Though the idea for our new venture has been years in the making, these plans for opening the Nashville Social Club couldn’t be better timed,” she said. “It will help lift the community out of our pandemic blues, by providing a place for people to feel at home, enjoy great food and music and be surrounded by welcoming staff — the “warm vibe tribe”. McKay owns the Nashville Social Club along with her husband, longtime music executive, John Procaccini.  

The club is presenting an eclectic mix of musical genres and artists: folk, country, singer-songwriter, blues, bluegrass, jazz, rock n roll and more. The music hall seats two hundred and has a dance floor and concert sound. The dining room and lounge has the “Soft Note Stage” for smaller ensembles and solo artists to perform during meal and lounge service.  

Located in the heart of the Reno/Tahoe market, situated at the crossroads of major north/south and east/west highways, the Nashville Social Club is poised geographically to attract touring acts from all over the United States. With a goal of one ticketed show per week, given the location, newly renovated venue, excellent sound system and enthusiastic community, the club is already booking some of the nation’s best touring artists.  

The Nashville Social Club offers our region’s best artists a place to shine as well, with a variety of opportunities that include residencies, one-off performances on the soft note stage and opening slots for touring acts in the music hall. Local artists will find a home to entertain fans and reach new audiences.  

For ticketed shows in the music hall, patrons can expect a variety of purchase offerings, including a VIP experience with premium seating options (and other perks), general admission tickets and standing room only. The hall can be set up theatre style for a fully seated concert experience or to accommodate dancing with open floor space and limited seating.  

“People are craving connection, fun and entertainment.” Elston says. “We are thrilled to be delivering all that and more. The newly renovated space, together with the forward-thinking vision of John and Kitty is a blank canvas upon which we’re building a swinging spot for locals and visitors.”  

Entertainment calendars and tickets will be available on the Nashville Social Club website in late April. Until then, don’t miss a beat. Stay in the loop by joining the mailing list at

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