Daryl Wayne Dasher

Says the Nashville Gab, “For those amongst us who struggle with mainstream country of the 21st century, longing for something with more twang, truth, and a real message, Daryl Wayne Dasher is the perfect antidote.”  Daryl Wayne Dasher is an artist who sincerely cares about his craft and about the people who listen to it. His passion for music and for humanity sweats out of him during every single performance. In a new world where people have virtually limitless choices of music, art, and entertainment, it is important to find a way to stand out. In a statement from Outlaw Magazine.com, music critic Richard Deihn wrote that “Daryl Wayne Dasher’s unique rolling baritone slides into the listener’s soul and takes up residence. A dynamic, commanding and uninhibited performer, Dasher’s star power lies in his ability to truly connect.”  In 2021, Dasher released his fourth studio album, “Honky Tonk Ways” (Americana Highways wrote that “each tune is crafted with care and arranged with an unmistakable vibe & authenticity.”

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